Debby Harrison

Embracing Instagram

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Although I am a fairly reflective thinker I love the immediacy of Instagram and it’s instant capturing of what’s going on in my world. From the stuff I enjoy doing to something that catches my eye I feel you can get to know me as a person and a photographer much more easily and completely on Instagram rather than through my blog. Don’t worry there are limited decedent selfies, just a place to document my life as I’m living it.

Stuff you will see on my Instagram account: prosecco, chocolate, blossom, gold things, decorative tiles, pink things, my work, me at work, stuffed bears.



Springtime Salad

Now that the sun has been out for a few days I’ve turned my attention to some lovely salads that are perfect for spring. Here’s one I shot for Park Royal Studios and their delicious catering facilities at The Cove. Enjoy while the rain stays away!

Food Styling: Stephanie Knowles-Dellner
Client: Park Royal Studios


Earlier in the year I shot a still life project of all the things that caught my eye. You can view the whole project here and see if you agree that I would make a good magpie.

Personal Project

It has always struck me as odd that nursery rhymes are told to children as a means to soothe and calm when the meaning behind the words tend to be sinister, eerie and often misunderstood. In this project I have revisited 5 nursery rhymes and through lighting and props have given them a malevolent feel rather than the pleasantly illustrated ones of our childhood. The full project can be viewed here:

Ring a Ring o’ Roses – often mistaken for being about the black death the origins and meaning are unknown

The Owl and the Pussycat – although this is a poem and not a nursery rhyme it has quite an odd feel to it despite being a poem essentially about love

Humpty Dumpty – some people think Humpty Dumpty refers to a large cannon used during the English civil war

Old Mother Hubbard – refers to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who fell out of favour with King Henry VIII by not facilitating the Kings divorce from Queen Katherine of Aragon

Three Blind Mice – mainly thought to be about the bloody execution of 3 Protestant bishops by the hands of Queen Mary I

Styling: Nina Beresford

Seasonal Soup

Here’s a couple of shots I did for the stock cube people Knorr before Christmas. The Pea soup can be eaten chilled so is perfect all year round but while the weather is still a little chilly warm up with the French Onion complete with an oversized gruyere crouton.

Prop Styling: Kate Vaughan
Food Styling: Stephanie Knowles-Dellner


This is my very good friend, the super talented stylist Nina Beresford. We’ve been friends for years but don’t manage to shoot together very often due to geographical locations. Here she is with one of the characters from a recent shoot we did and a shot of her I took when I was first getting into photography. Nina has a first in fashion and was able to rustle up a waistcoat for our stuffed owl in less time than it takes to say twit-ta-woo. Watch this space for the project we worked on together.

Costa Christmas Campaign

I was lucky enough this year to be asked to shoot the Costa Christmas Campaign. We had lots of festive fun shooting in the lovely July weather recreating our idea of warm and cosy Christmas time. Here are a few of the shots, see my Commissions page for more and of course drop into a Costa for a cup of something chocolatey too. With thanks to Karmarama and Art Directors Jon Iredale and Laila Milborrow.

Prop Styling: Rosalind Keep
Food Styling: Eliza Baird

New Baking Video

I’ve been busy lately working on a lovely Christmas campaign for Costa coffee but I managed to find time to make a video about baking. Watch it here:

Food Styling: Lucy-Ruth Hathaway
Videographer: Andy Little